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please give me ipp
I need the ip guys
if anyone exists here, your welcome to join us at Avatar Origins, [link]
does this server even work, OR EVEN EXIST???!!
whats server ip

Give us diamonds asap!

skaterkid212 a posted Sep 14, 12
Make a account and hit the diamond on the top left of the post!


Opening today!

skaterkid212 a posted Sep 12, 12
Here is the ip adress i got donations done and everything. We open later today!
DrMarcA / xXLEGITM4RCXx ^ yea i know ^ and can you give me my $20 donator back on hazecraft? Also do donations count for this server and can do ...
ITR13 Is it open/When will it open? Whitelist is on D:

Whitelist is off!

skaterkid212 a posted Sep 9, 12
For all hazecraft members you are now able to join the avatar server!
yeupho Skate, you recently changed the ip, care to place the new info onto the website? ...
rescuewoof it won't work can you help me plz it says connection refused
Wiki will go up when the
server goes up
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